The Chronicle Garden Competition

The Chronicle Garden Competition is in its 69th year and is proudly owned and operated by The Chronicle, Toowoomba’s local fountain of news and happenings.

The Garden City is home to thousands of passionate gardeners who work year-round transforming their private gardens into stunning  floral showpieces. The Chronicle Garden Competition offers visitors the opportunity to visit the beautiful gardens that have been entered. With more than 40 categories, gardeners of all types have the opportunity to show off their creations.

There are so many amazing private gardens to explore you’ll need The Chronicle Garden Competition Guide and map issued in The Chronicle newspaper on Friday 21 September for $1.80. The Guide lists the various entrant categories as well as the garden addresses. Look for it in the Friday 21 September edition of The Chronicle newspaper.

For more information contact The Chronicle on 07 4690 9300.

Head on over to the The Chronicle website for a complete list of gardens as well as some self drive tours!


City Grand Champion – Kevin & Dianna Drew, 17 Ward Street, Highfields
City Reserve Grand Champion – Les & Fae Stephson, 161 Perth Street, South Toowoomba
Country Grand Champion – Paul & Noela Rubb, 194 Schultz-Haden Road, Haden
Country Reserve Grand Champion – Neville & Heather McNalty, 711 Palms Road, Cooyar


City Grand Champion – Gordon & Maria Reynolds, 40 Smythe Dr, Highfields
Country Grand Champion – Paul & Noela Rubb, 194 Schultz-Haden Road, Haden


Friday 21 Sept – Sunday 30 Sept, 9am – 5pm




Various private gardens in Toowoomba