Sloan Peterson

Whilst retaining its own unique charm, ‘Midnight Love Vol. 2’ sees the influence of a culmination of musical heroes, both past and present. From the likes of The Beatles and The Kinks, right through to the modern rock jangles of The Kooks and The Strokes, Sloan Peterson has embraced warm and swirling guitars, and retrospective vocals as a staple on the new record. To the same merit, contemporary pop queens Lana Del Rey and Gwen Stefani lend influence in the form of Sloan Peterson’s sultry and sweet tones.

Sloan Peterson works quickly, with much of the music from the record coming together within the space of a mere hour. With a deeply personal connection to the lyrics, Sloan explains “The ideas come from my journal, which I write in every morning. Like most creatives, I am a highly emotional person, and so a lot of my favourite songs come from some kind of pain. It’s a huge outlet when I put pen to paper and write a song.” Sloan collaborated with accomplished producer Chris Collins (Skeggs / Middle Kids) and mixer Thomas Rawle (DRELLER / Papa Vs Pretty) to bring the project to life, and explains the experience as a magical one. “There was such a great energy working with Chris – he works hard and is straight to the point, but at the same time is so, so supportive. Thomas was also fantastic to work with, and worked some serious voodoo magic on all of the tracks, to make them so special and cohesive.”

This is included in your ticket to Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine.


Friday 20 Sept, 7pm


Included in ticket to Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine


Main stage – Upper Queens Park, Margaret & Lindsay Sts, Toowoomba (Google map)