Japanese Garden Ju Raku En

One of the most beautiful and peaceful parks in Toowoomba is the University of Southern Queensland’s Japanese Garden. This 3 hectare site is one of Australia’s largest and most traditionally designed Japanese stroll gardens. Ju Raku En, roughly translated, means ‘to enjoy peace and longevity in a public place’. Its elements of mountain stream and waterfall, dry garden, central lake, azalea hill, three kilometres of paths, 230 species of Japanese and Australian native trees and plants combine in a seamless and restful harmony.

Toowoomba Taiko Drum Group

Don’t miss this special performance by the Toowoomba Taiko Drum Group at the Japanese Garden on Saturday 21 Sept from 10am to 2pm!


Friday 20 Sept – Sunday 29 Sept




55 Regent St, Toowoomba (Google map)