5 Weeks to Grow

Here are 7 more experiences your can discover at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers!

More than 65 stalls sprout up in the quaint country town of Geham during Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, featuring everything from upcycled furniture to leather goods and a full outdoor garden section with fresh produce.

Top off your night with a scrumptious dessert from one of the dessert extraordinaires at the Night Garden.

Honour your promise and take your mum to see Australia’s most successful solo artist, the one and only John Farnham.

Smell your way through the scented garden at Laurel Bank Park – you’ll discover lavender, basil and many more sights and scents.



Jump on a tour of Toowoomba’s best pubs and meet some new friendly faces while enjoying all the local produce and tasty goodness on offer.

Walk back through time where you will discover over 400 decorative, functional and antique teapots, and find the answer to what makes a cuppa tea all the more enjoyable.

Stay overnight in one of Toowoomba’s exquisite hotels and experience multiple days of Carnival fun. You simply can’t do it all in one day!