10 weeks to grow!

Here are 7 experiences you can discover at this year's Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers!

Sip your way through the region’s tastiest local wines at the Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine.

Revisit the days of Carnival’s floral past with a wander through all the memorabilia, artefacts and keepsakes from the past 70 years.

Exercise your mind, body and soul with a gentle morning session with the Taoist Tai Chi Society in the beautiful setting of Laurel Bank Park.

DELIGHT: Embark on a scenic train journey to the wonderful Spring Bluff Railway Station and delight in the real song and dance greeting by the ‘Acting’ Station Master Mr Hickey!

Uncover hidden local secrets and insider Toowoomba knowledge by visiting the friendly volunteers at Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre or one of the Info Hubs.

Burrow deep into Toowoomba’s quirky culture and goggle at the abundance of street art, the eccentric, specialty crafts and displays and the local artist talent.

WATCH: Get in early, grab the best vantage spot and watch the flowery floats and carnival characters weave their way through the CBD.